Final Exam

The final exam for both 4766 and 6912 will be held tomorrow, Friday, August 10, from 3:00pm – 5:30pm in EN-1054.

Hardware Component: Remaining Students

Any students who remain to do the hardware component are welcome to do it on assignment 3.  Instructions are posted.  You will be marked by submitted report, not demonstration.  Such a report needs to be submitted by August 1.

Note that I will not be doing any further reminders about this.  If you don’t arrange to come and collect the equipment (laser + cable) from me in a timely manner and submit your report by August 1, then you will simply not get the marks for this part of the course.

Assignment 6, Task 1 Posted

Students who have missed recent classes should be aware that we are using the online simulation tool, Waggle, in class and for Assignment 6.  All students are encouraged to bring their laptops to class to experiment with Waggle and make progress towards Assignment 6 (compulsory for 4766 students only).