Schedule / Course Outline Changes

  • Assignment 4 (yet to be posted) will be due on 4 July
  • Assignment 5 will be due on 18 July
  • Assignment 6 will be only for COMP 4766 students and will be due on 1 August
  • COMP 6912:
    • The assignment proportion of your grade will come from assignments 1 – 5 (each worth 6%).  You will not be required to complete assignment 6.  You will be quite busy working on your projects instead.

Updates / announcements:

  • Information on the hardware component for A3 has been posted.  The report is due in class on June 22 (it should also be submitted on D2L).  There will be no demonstration aspect in this case, just the report.
  • 6912 students: paper selection deadline is June 22 as well.  Submit on D2L to the “Paper Selections” folder (this is an individual dropbox folder, so no group selection is required).
  • The deadline for A4 may be shifted so that we can cover the required material in class.  We will discuss this in class on June 22.
  • Consider attending the AUV navigation seminar linked in the post below…

Seminar on AUV navigation next week

This is not an official component of the course, but in case you’re interested there will be a seminar next week on the navigation of underwater robots…