WRR_CBQueue Member List

This is the complete list of members for WRR_CBQueue, including all inherited members.
active_ (defined in CBQueue)CBQueue [protected]
addallot(int prio, double diff) (defined in WRR_CBQueue)WRR_CBQueue [inline, virtual]
algorithm(const char *) (defined in CBQueue)CBQueue [protected]
alloc_ (defined in WRR_CBQueue)WRR_CBQueue [protected]
ANCESTORS enum value (defined in CBQueue)CBQueue [protected]
block() (defined in Queue< T >)Queue< T > [inline]
blocked() const (defined in Queue< T >)Queue< T > [inline]
blocked_ (defined in Queue< T >)Queue< T > [protected]
buf_slot_ (defined in Queue< T >)Queue< T > [protected]
byteLength() (defined in Queue< T >)Queue< T > [inline]
CBQueue() (defined in CBQueue)CBQueue
cnt_ (defined in WRR_CBQueue)WRR_CBQueue [protected]
command(int argc, const char *const *argv) (defined in WRR_CBQueue)WRR_CBQueue [protected, virtual]
Connector() (defined in Connector)Connector
cur_util_ (defined in Queue< T >)Queue< T > [protected]
debug(const char *fmt,...) (defined in NsObject)NsObject [virtual]
debug_ (defined in NsObject)NsObject [protected]
delay_bind_dispatch(const char *varName, const char *localName, TclObject *tracer) (defined in NsObject)NsObject [virtual]
delay_bind_init_all() (defined in NsObject)NsObject [virtual]
deque() (defined in WRR_CBQueue)WRR_CBQueue [protected, virtual]
dequeue() (defined in Queue< T >)Queue< T > [inline]
destroy() (defined in Queue< T >)Queue< T > [inline, virtual]
detach(QueueElem< T > *e) (defined in Queue< T >)Queue< T > [inline]
drop(Packet *p) (defined in Connector)Connector [virtual]
drop(Packet *p, const char *s) (defined in Connector)Connector [protected, virtual]
drop_ (defined in Connector)Connector [protected]
eligible_ (defined in CBQueue)CBQueue [protected]
eligible_ancestors(CBQClass *, double) (defined in CBQueue)CBQueue [inline, protected]
eligible_formal(CBQClass *, double) (defined in CBQueue)CBQueue [protected]
eligible_toplevel(CBQClass *cl, double) (defined in CBQueue)CBQueue [inline, protected]
eligible_type_ enum name (defined in CBQueue)CBQueue [protected]
enque(Packet *) (defined in CBQueue)CBQueue [inline, virtual]
enqueue(QueueElem< T > *e) (defined in Queue< T >)Queue< T > [inline]
find_lender(CBQClass *, double) (defined in CBQueue)CBQueue [protected]
FORMAL enum value (defined in CBQueue)CBQueue [protected]
getHead() (defined in Queue< T >)Queue< T > [inline]
handle(Event *) (defined in NsObject)NsObject [protected, virtual]
head_ (defined in Queue< T >)Queue< T > [protected]
insert_class(CBQClass *) (defined in WRR_CBQueue)WRR_CBQueue [protected, virtual]
intr_ (defined in CBQueue)CBQueue [protected]
is_empty() const (defined in Queue< T >)Queue< T > [inline]
isdebug() const (defined in NsObject)NsObject [inline]
last_change_ (defined in Queue< T >)Queue< T > [protected]
last_lender_ (defined in CBQueue)CBQueue [protected]
length() (defined in Queue< T >)Queue< T > [inline]
level(int n) const (defined in CBQueue)CBQueue [inline]
levels_ (defined in CBQueue)CBQueue [protected]
limit() (defined in Queue< T >)Queue< T > [inline]
link() const (defined in CBQueue)CBQueue [inline]
link_ (defined in CBQueue)CBQueue [protected]
M_ (defined in WRR_CBQueue)WRR_CBQueue [protected]
maxlevel_ (defined in CBQueue)CBQueue [protected]
maxpkt_ (defined in CBQueue)CBQueue [protected]
maxprio_ (defined in CBQueue)CBQueue [protected]
NONE enum value (defined in CBQueue)CBQueue [protected]
NsObject() (defined in NsObject)NsObject
old_util_ (defined in Queue< T >)Queue< T > [protected]
peak_utilization(void) (defined in Queue< T >)Queue< T >
pending_pkt() const (defined in CBQueue)CBQueue [inline]
pending_pkt_ (defined in CBQueue)CBQueue [protected]
period_begin_ (defined in Queue< T >)Queue< T > [protected]
pq_ (defined in Queue< T >)Queue< T > [protected]
qh_ (defined in Queue< T >)Queue< T > [protected]
qlim_ (defined in Queue< T >)Queue< T > [protected]
Queue() (defined in Queue< T >)Queue< T > [protected]
Queue() (defined in Queue< T >)Queue< T > [inline]
recv(Packet *, Handler *) (defined in CBQueue)CBQueue [virtual]
recv(Packet *p, const char *s) (defined in NsObject)NsObject [virtual]
recvOnly(Packet *) (defined in NsObject)NsObject [inline, virtual]
reset() (defined in CBQueue)CBQueue [virtual]
resume() (defined in Queue< T >)Queue< T >
sched() (defined in CBQueue)CBQueue
send(Packet *p, Handler *h) (defined in Connector)Connector [inline, protected]
send_permitted(CBQClass *, double) (defined in CBQueue)CBQueue [protected]
setDropTarget(NsObject *dt) (defined in Connector)Connector [inline]
setM() (defined in WRR_CBQueue)WRR_CBQueue [protected]
size() const (defined in Queue< T >)Queue< T > [inline]
size_ (defined in Queue< T >)Queue< T > [protected]
tail_ (defined in Queue< T >)Queue< T > [protected]
target() (defined in Connector)Connector [inline]
target(NsObject *target) (defined in Connector)Connector [inline]
target_ (defined in Connector)Connector [protected]
toplevel() (defined in CBQueue)CBQueue [inline]
TOPLEVEL enum value (defined in CBQueue)CBQueue [protected]
toplevel_ (defined in CBQueue)CBQueue [protected]
toplevel_arrival(CBQClass *, double) (defined in CBQueue)CBQueue
toplevel_departure(CBQClass *, double) (defined in CBQueue)CBQueue [protected]
total_time_ (defined in Queue< T >)Queue< T > [protected]
true_ave_ (defined in Queue< T >)Queue< T > [protected]
unblock() (defined in Queue< T >)Queue< T > [inline]
unblock_on_resume_ (defined in Queue< T >)Queue< T > [protected]
updateStats(int queuesize) (defined in Queue< T >)Queue< T > [virtual]
util_buf_ (defined in Queue< T >)Queue< T > [protected]
util_check_intv_ (defined in Queue< T >)Queue< T > [protected]
util_records_ (defined in Queue< T >)Queue< T > [protected]
util_weight_ (defined in Queue< T >)Queue< T > [protected]
utilization(void) (defined in Queue< T >)Queue< T > [virtual]
utilUpdate(double int_begin, double int_end, int link_state) (defined in Queue< T >)Queue< T > [protected]
WRR_CBQueue() (defined in WRR_CBQueue)WRR_CBQueue [inline]
~Handler() (defined in Handler)Handler [inline, virtual]
~NsObject() (defined in NsObject)NsObject [virtual]
~Queue() (defined in Queue< T >)Queue< T > [virtual]
~Queue() (defined in Queue< T >)Queue< T > [inline, virtual]