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Connector Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for Connector:
NsObject Handler AddSR Agent aodv_rqueue CBQClass CMUPriQueue Delayer DelayModel DropTargetAgent DynamicLink ErrorModel ErrorModule Filter GAFPartner HackLossyLink LinkDelay LinkHead MeasureMod MIPEncapsulator NetworkInterface PktCounter Queue< T > rtqueue SALink SessionHelper SessionTTLChecker SnoopQueue TBF Trace TTLChecker

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Public Member Functions

NsObjecttarget ()
void target (NsObject *target)
virtual void drop (Packet *p)
void setDropTarget (NsObject *dt)

Protected Member Functions

virtual void drop (Packet *p, const char *s)
int command (int argc, const char *const *argv)
void recv (Packet *, Handler *callback=0)
void send (Packet *p, Handler *h)

Protected Attributes


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