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Queue< T > Class Template Reference

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Connector NsObject Handler CBQueue Demarker DropTail DRR dsREDQueue DtRrQueue FQ GK JoBS Marker PIQueue REDQueue REMQueue SFQ SimpleIntServ SRR Vq XCPWrapQ

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Public Member Functions

virtual void enque (Packet *)=0
virtual Packetdeque ()=0
virtual void recv (Packet *, Handler *)
virtual void updateStats (int queuesize)
void resume ()
int blocked () const
void unblock ()
void block ()
int limit ()
int length ()
int byteLength ()
virtual double utilization (void)
double peak_utilization (void)
virtual void reset ()
virtual void destroy ()
void enqueue (QueueElem< T > *e)
QueueElem< T > * dequeue ()
void detach (QueueElem< T > *e)
QueueElem< T > * getHead ()
int is_empty () const
int size () const

Protected Member Functions

void reset ()
void utilUpdate (double int_begin, double int_end, int link_state)

Protected Attributes

int qlim_
int blocked_
int unblock_on_resume_
QueueHandler qh_
double true_ave_
double total_time_
double last_change_
double old_util_
double util_weight_
double util_check_intv_
double period_begin_
double cur_util_
int buf_slot_
double * util_buf_
int util_records_
QueueElem< T > * head_
QueueElem< T > * tail_
int size_

template<class T>
class Queue< T >

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