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CBQueue Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for CBQueue:
Queue< T > Connector NsObject Handler WRR_CBQueue

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Public Member Functions

void reset ()
void enque (Packet *)
void recv (Packet *, Handler *)
LinkDelaylink () const
CBQClasslevel (int n) const
Packetdeque ()
virtual int command (int argc, const char *const *argv)
virtual void addallot (int, double)
Packetpending_pkt () const
void sched ()
int toplevel ()
void toplevel_arrival (CBQClass *, double)

Protected Types

enum  eligible_type_ { NONE, FORMAL, ANCESTORS, TOPLEVEL }

Protected Member Functions

int algorithm (const char *)
virtual int insert_class (CBQClass *)
int send_permitted (CBQClass *, double)
CBQClassfind_lender (CBQClass *, double)
void toplevel_departure (CBQClass *, double)
int eligible_formal (CBQClass *, double)
int eligible_ancestors (CBQClass *, double)
int eligible_toplevel (CBQClass *cl, double)

Protected Attributes

Event intr_
CBQClassactive_ [MAXPRIO]
CBQClasslevels_ [MAXLEVEL+1]
int maxprio_
int maxpkt_
int maxlevel_
int toplevel_
eligible_type_ eligible_

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