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WirelessPhy Class Reference

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Phy BiConnector NsObject Handler Phy802_15_4 WirelessPhyExt

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Public Member Functions

void sendDown (Packet *p)
int sendUp (Packet *p)
double getL () const
double getLambda () const
Nodenode (void) const
double getPtconsume ()
double getDist (double Pr, double Pt, double Gt, double Gr, double hr, double ht, double L, double lambda)
virtual int command (int argc, const char *const *argv)
virtual void dump (void) const
void node_on ()
void node_off ()
double getAntennaZ ()
double getPt ()
double getRXThresh ()
double getCSThresh ()
double getFreq ()
void node_sleep ()
void node_wakeup ()
bool & Is_node_on ()
bool Is_sleeping ()

Public Attributes

double T_sleep_

Protected Types

enum  ChannelStatus { SLEEP, IDLE, RECV, SEND }

Protected Attributes

double Pt_
double Pt_consume_
double Pr_consume_
double P_idle_
double P_sleep_
double P_transition_
double T_transition_
double last_send_time_
double channel_idle_time_
double update_energy_time_
double freq_
double lambda_
double L_
double RXThresh_
double CSThresh_
double CPThresh_
bool node_on_
Sleep_Timer sleep_timer_
int status_


class Sleep_Timer

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