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Node Class Reference

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RNode ParentNode DelayBoxNode MobileNode SatNode

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Public Member Functions

int address ()
int nodeid ()
bool exist_namchan () const
virtual int command (int argc, const char *const *argv)
virtual void namlog (const char *fmt,...)
NsObjectintf_to_target (int32_t)
void insert (struct node_head *head)
Nodenextnode ()
struct if_head & ifhead () const
struct linklist_head & linklisthead () const
void addNeighbor (Node *node)
void route_notify (RoutingModule *rtm)
void unreg_route_notify (RoutingModule *rtm)
void add_route (char *dst, NsObject *target)
void delete_route (char *dst, NsObject *nullagent)
void set_table_size (int nn)
void set_table_size (int level, int csize)
EnergyModelenergy_model ()
Locationlocation ()
void Update (void)
void UpdateNeighbors (void)
void Dump (void)
 Node (nodeid_t id)
 Node (const Node &n)
virtual const NodeWeight_t NextAdj (const NodeWeight_t &)
virtual void AddAdj (nodeid_t a, int w=1)
virtual NixPair_t GetNix (nodeid_t)

Static Public Member Functions

static Nodeget_node_by_address (nsaddr_t)

Public Attributes

double time_arrival
double time_transition
int route_changes
int link_changes
EdgeVec_t m_Adj

Static Public Attributes

static struct node_head nodehead_

Protected Member Functions

 LIST_ENTRY (Node) entry
void namdump ()

Protected Attributes

int address_
int nodeid_
Tcl_Channel namChan_
struct if_head ifhead_
struct linklist_head linklisthead_

Static Protected Attributes

static char nwrk_ [NODE_NAMLOG_BUFSZ]


void ReadInMovementPattern (void)

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