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SSCS802_15_4 Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 SSCS802_15_4 (Mac802_15_4 *m)
void MCPS_DATA_confirm (UINT_8 msduHandle, MACenum status)
void MCPS_DATA_indication (UINT_8 SrcAddrMode, UINT_16 SrcPANId, IE3ADDR SrcAddr, UINT_8 DstAddrMode, UINT_16 DstPANId, IE3ADDR DstAddr, UINT_8 msduLength, Packet *msdu, UINT_8 mpduLinkQuality, bool SecurityUse, UINT_8 ACLEntry)
void MCPS_PURGE_confirm (UINT_8 msduHandle, MACenum status)
void MLME_ASSOCIATE_indication (IE3ADDR DeviceAddress, UINT_8 CapabilityInformation, bool SecurityUse, UINT_8 ACLEntry)
void MLME_ASSOCIATE_confirm (UINT_16 AssocShortAddress, MACenum status)
void MLME_DISASSOCIATE_confirm (MACenum status)
void MLME_BEACON_NOTIFY_indication (UINT_8 BSN, PAN_ELE *PANDescriptor, UINT_8 PendAddrSpec, IE3ADDR *AddrList, UINT_8 sduLength, UINT_8 *sdu)
void MLME_GET_confirm (MACenum status, MPIBAenum PIBAttribute, MAC_PIB *PIBAttributeValue)
void MLME_ORPHAN_indication (IE3ADDR OrphanAddress, bool SecurityUse, UINT_8 ACLEntry)
void MLME_RESET_confirm (MACenum status)
void MLME_RX_ENABLE_confirm (MACenum status)
void MLME_SET_confirm (MACenum status, MPIBAenum PIBAttribute)
void MLME_SCAN_confirm (MACenum status, UINT_8 ScanType, UINT_32 UnscannedChannels, UINT_8 ResultListSize, UINT_8 *EnergyDetectList, PAN_ELE *PANDescriptorList)
void MLME_COMM_STATUS_indication (UINT_16 PANId, UINT_8 SrcAddrMode, IE3ADDR SrcAddr, UINT_8 DstAddrMode, IE3ADDR DstAddr, MACenum status)
void MLME_START_confirm (MACenum status)
void MLME_SYNC_LOSS_indication (MACenum LossReason)
void MLME_POLL_confirm (MACenum status)

Public Attributes

bool neverAsso

Static Public Attributes

static UINT_32 ScanChannels = 0x00003800

Protected Member Functions

void checkTaskOverflow (UINT_8 task)
void dispatch (MACenum status, char *frFunc)
void startPANCoord (bool isClusterTree, bool txBeacon, UINT_8 BO, UINT_8 SO, bool firsttime, MACenum status=m_SUCCESS)
void startDevice (bool isClusterTree, bool isFFD, bool assoPermit, bool txBeacon, UINT_8 BO, UINT_8 SO, bool firsttime, MACenum status=m_SUCCESS)
int command (int argc, const char *const *argv)

Protected Attributes

bool t_isCT
bool t_txBeacon
bool t_isFFD
bool t_assoPermit
UINT_16 rt_myDepth
UINT_16 rt_myNodeID
UINT_16 rt_myParentNodeID


class Mac802_15_4
class SSCS802_15_4Timer

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