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Mac802_15_4 Class Reference

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Mac BiConnector NsObject Handler

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Public Member Functions

 Mac802_15_4 (MAC_PIB *mp)
void init (bool reset=false)
void PD_DATA_confirm (PHYenum status)
void PLME_CCA_confirm (PHYenum status)
void PLME_ED_confirm (PHYenum status, UINT_8 EnergyLevel)
void PLME_GET_confirm (PHYenum status, PPIBAenum PIBAttribute, PHY_PIB *PIBAttributeValue)
void PLME_SET_TRX_STATE_confirm (PHYenum status)
void PLME_SET_confirm (PHYenum status, PPIBAenum PIBAttribute)
void MCPS_DATA_request (UINT_8 SrcAddrMode, UINT_16 SrcPANId, IE3ADDR SrcAddr, UINT_8 DstAddrMode, UINT_16 DstPANId, IE3ADDR DstAddr, UINT_8 msduLength, Packet *msdu, UINT_8 msduHandle, UINT_8 TxOptions)
void MCPS_DATA_indication (UINT_8 SrcAddrMode, UINT_16 SrcPANId, IE3ADDR SrcAddr, UINT_8 DstAddrMode, UINT_16 DstPANId, IE3ADDR DstAddr, UINT_8 msduLength, Packet *msdu, UINT_8 mpduLinkQuality, bool SecurityUse, UINT_8 ACLEntry)
void MCPS_PURGE_request (UINT_8 msduHandle)
void MLME_ASSOCIATE_request (UINT_8 LogicalChannel, UINT_8 CoordAddrMode, UINT_16 CoordPANId, IE3ADDR CoordAddress, UINT_8 CapabilityInformation, bool SecurityEnable)
void MLME_ASSOCIATE_response (IE3ADDR DeviceAddress, UINT_16 AssocShortAddress, MACenum status, bool SecurityEnable)
void MLME_DISASSOCIATE_request (IE3ADDR DeviceAddress, UINT_8 DisassociateReason, bool SecurityEnable)
void MLME_DISASSOCIATE_indication (IE3ADDR DeviceAddress, UINT_8 DisassociateReason, bool SecurityUse, UINT_8 ACLEntry)
void MLME_GET_request (MPIBAenum PIBAttribute)
void MLME_GTS_request (UINT_8 GTSCharacteristics, bool SecurityEnable)
void MLME_GTS_confirm (UINT_8 GTSCharacteristics, MACenum status)
void MLME_GTS_indication (UINT_16 DevAddress, UINT_8 GTSCharacteristics, bool SecurityUse, UINT_8 ACLEntry)
void MLME_ORPHAN_response (IE3ADDR OrphanAddress, UINT_16 ShortAddress, bool AssociatedMember, bool SecurityEnable)
void MLME_RESET_request (bool SetDefaultPIB)
void MLME_RX_ENABLE_request (bool DeferPermit, UINT_32 RxOnTime, UINT_32 RxOnDuration)
void MLME_SCAN_request (UINT_8 ScanType, UINT_32 ScanChannels, UINT_8 ScanDuration)
void MLME_SET_request (MPIBAenum PIBAttribute, MAC_PIB *PIBAttributeValue)
void MLME_START_request (UINT_16 PANId, UINT_8 LogicalChannel, UINT_8 BeaconOrder, UINT_8 SuperframeOrder, bool PANCoordinator, bool BatteryLifeExtension, bool CoordRealignment, bool SecurityEnable)
void MLME_SYNC_request (UINT_8 LogicalChannel, bool TrackBeacon)
void MLME_POLL_request (UINT_8 CoordAddrMode, UINT_16 CoordPANId, IE3ADDR CoordAddress, bool SecurityEnable)
int hdr_dst (char *hdr, int dst=-2)
int hdr_src (char *hdr, int src=-2)
int hdr_type (char *hdr, UINT_16 type=0)
Taptap ()
void recv (Packet *p, Handler *h)
void recvBeacon (Packet *p)
void recvAck (Packet *p)
void recvCommand (Packet *p)
void recvData (Packet *p)
bool toParent (Packet *p)

Static Public Attributes

static bool verbose = false
static UINT_8 txOption = 0x00
static bool ack4data = true
static UINT_8 callBack = 1
static UINT_32 DBG_UID = 0

Protected Member Functions

void set_trx_state_request (PHYenum state, const char *frFile, const char *frFunc, int line)
double locateBoundary (bool parent, double wtime)
void txOverHandler (void)
void txHandler (void)
void extractHandler (void)
void assoRspWaitHandler (void)
void dataWaitHandler (void)
void rxEnableHandler (void)
void scanHandler (void)
void beaconTxHandler (bool forTX)
void beaconRxHandler (void)
void beaconSearchHandler (void)
void isPanCoor (bool isPC)

Protected Attributes

taskPending taskP
MAC_PIB mpib
PHY_PIB tmp_ppib
DevCapability capability
bool secuBeacon
SuperframeSpec sfSpec
SuperframeSpec sfSpec2
SuperframeSpec sfSpec3
GTSSpec gtsSpec
GTSSpec gtsSpec2
PendAddrSpec pendAddrSpec
UINT_8 beaconPeriods
UINT_8 beaconPeriods2
PAN_ELE panDes
PAN_ELE panDes2
double macBcnTxTime
double macBcnRxTime
double macBcnOtherRxTime
UINT_8 macBeaconOrder2
UINT_8 macSuperframeOrder2
UINT_8 macBeaconOrder3
UINT_8 macSuperframeOrder3
bool oneMoreBeacon
UINT_8 numLostBeacons
UINT_16 rt_myNodeID
UINT_8 energyLevel


class Phy802_15_4
class Mac802_15_4Handler
class macTxOverTimer
class macTxTimer
class macExtractTimer
class macAssoRspWaitTimer
class macDataWaitTimer
class macRxEnableTimer
class macScanTimer
class macBeaconTxTimer
class macBeaconRxTimer
class macBeaconSearchTimer
class macWakeupTimer
class CsmaCA802_15_4
class SSCS802_15_4
class Nam802_15_4

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