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Nam802_15_4 Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 Nam802_15_4 (const char *ncolor, const char *mcolor, Mac802_15_4 *m)

Static Public Member Functions

static void flowAttribute (int clrID, const char *clrName)
static void changePlaybackRate (double atTime, const char *stepLen)

Static Public Attributes

static bool Nam_Status = false
static bool emStatus = false
static bool emHandling = true
static char def_PANCoor_clr [21] = "tomato"
static char def_Coor_clr [21] = "blue"
static char def_Dev_clr [21] = "green3"
static char def_Node_clr [21] = "black"
static char def_Mark_clr [21] = "black"
static char def_ColFlash_clr [21] = "gold"
static char def_NodeFail_clr [21] = "grey"
static char def_LinkFailFlash_clr [21] = "red"

Protected Member Functions

void changeNodeColor (double atTime, const char *newColor, bool save=true)
void changeBackNodeColor (double atTime)
void flashNodeColor (double atTime, const char *flashColor="")
void changeMarkColor (double atTime, const char *newColor)
void flashNodeMark (double atTime)
void changeLabel (double atTime, const char *lb)
void flashLinkFail (double atTime, int dst, const char *flashColor="")
void annotate (double atTime, const char *note)

Protected Attributes

char nodePreColor [21]
char nodeColor [21]
char markColor [21]
char label [81]


class Mac802_15_4
class Phy802_15_4

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