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CsmaCA802_15_4 Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 CsmaCA802_15_4 (Phy802_15_4 *p, Mac802_15_4 *m)

Protected Member Functions

void reset (void)
double adjustTime (double wtime)
bool canProceed (double wtime, bool afterCCA=false)
void newBeacon (char trx)
void start (bool firsttime, Packet *pkt=0, bool ackreq=0)
void cancel (void)
void backoffHandler (void)
void RX_ON_confirm (PHYenum status)
void bcnOtherHandler (void)
void deferCCAHandler (void)
void CCA_confirm (PHYenum status)


class macBackoffTimer
class macWakeupTimer
class macBeaconOtherTimer
class macDeferCCATimer
class Mac802_15_4

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