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My hometown is far from the beach resorts, a city of more than three million people. Puebla's historic centre is one of the best well preserved in Mexico and one of Unesco's world heritage centres.
(Puebla gallery 1, Puebla gallery 2).

Morelia andthe state of Mexico


A bit of Morelia, the capital of Michoacan and of one of the protected sancturaries of the monarch butterflies that come to Mexico state.
(Michoacan gallery).



Cordoba, Xalapa, and the archeological site of El Tajin. Veracruz is one of the greenest states of Mexico. If you stay still for too long, some specimens might start putting their roots on you!

(Veracruz gallery, Tajin gallery).

Mexico Center and South

Mexico's South

Mexico City, Oaxaca, Chiapas, Guerrero, a tour over all of Mexico´s south.

(South of Mexico gallery).




Magdeburg, Germany

Here is where I did my Ph.D. Magdeburg has a lot to offer for a small city, you can always go to the lakes around, bike along the river, and the weather is actually quite nice!
(Magdeburg gallery).


Berlin and Hamburg, Germany

The capital of Germany is full of life, it is vibrant, multicutural, and open to the world, it is always exciting to be in Berlin! The Love Parade was a big thing back then, and there are always different events going on.

(Berlin and Hamburg gallery).

East Germany

Germany's East

These images come from several trips we made around the east of germany, from Schwerin in the north to Dresden in the south, there are always towns and cities that are easily reached by train, and the weekend tickets are a pretty god deal to travel in groups!.

(Germany's East gallery).


Annecy, France

Here is where I went for a conference on non-photorealistic animation and rendering, the city hows an annual famous short movies festival which hosted this conference several times.

(Annecy gallery).


London, UK

When I went to London I met with Erik Kraayenhof, one of the members of the Aiesec trainee group back in my times in Hamburg. He and Sohhie did their best to show me around this fun metropole. They are now far down in the end of the world (New Zealand), eating Kiwi.

(London gallery).