Trip photos from Dr. Reinhard Koeppe (Dr. Koeppe's page)
These are the waterfalls of Agua Azul in ChiapasEl cañon del sumidero, ChiapasTabasco is really hot and humid

This are the ruins of Palenque in ChiapasThis is Monte Alban, a complex where three prehispaniccivilizations fluorished,  in OaxacaThe ruins of Teotihuacan are close to MexicoCity, this is the piramid of the Moon

The periferico, in Mexico CityThe monument to Benito Juarez, and the castleof Chapultepec in the backgroundThe Zocalo, in the historical center of MexicoCity

The zocalo on 16 of September, day of the aniversaryof the independence from the spanish empire which finished in 1821Also the zocalo (main square)A colonial building in Mexico City 

This is the cathedral of Mexico City, also aroundthe Main squareAnother church in Oaxaca

This is the church of Santo Domingo in the cityof OaxacaThis is the town of Taxco, a mining center foundedby the spanish.Cobblestoned streets in Taxco, Guerrero