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Sample Simulations


This appendix will trace through some sample simulations to demonstrate how the algorithm works. In the following diagrams, the symbol `*' represents the initial time. To prevent confusion, the time when signals occur will be represented as numbers beneath the signal in the wire queue. The signals themselves will be represented as H, L and X, representing high, low and unknown respectively. The time delay of the encapsulated subcomponents is represented by a number inside the component's box. The time delay for the enclosing component depends upon the delay for each of its encapsulated subcomponents and their connectivity. The local time for all components at the start of the simulation is set at `*', so when the local time of a component is first incremented, it becomes zero. For simplicity, we assume inputs to be available at integer times tex2html_wrap_inline1866

Donald Craig
Sat Jul 13 16:02:11 NDT 1996