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StarCraft AI Programming APIs

Tutorials and Documentation

  • [GitHub] STARTcraft - Beginner Tutorial for StarCraft AI Development
  • [GitHub] UAlbertaBot: Fully Featured Tournament Bot With Documentation
  • [GitHub] Brood War API (BWAPI) Documentation
  • [SSCAIT] SSCAIT Tutorial

Useful Software

  • [GitHub] AIIDE Starcraft AI Tournament Manager Software
  • [GitHub] OpenBW - Open Source Broodwar Engine
  • [GitHub] BOSS - StarCraft Build Order Search System
  • [GitHub] TorchCraft - StarCraft + Torch
  • [GitHub] TorchCraftAI - StarCraft Machine Learning Platform
  • [GitHub] StarData - StarCraft AI Research Replay Dataset
  • [GitHub] BWEM Community - Brood War Easy Map Library
  • [GitHub] BWEB - Brood War Easy Builder Library
  • [GitHub] SC-Docker - StarCraft Using Docker and Wine
  • [GitHub] PotatoPeeler - Test StarCraft Bots Against Other AIs
  • [GitHub] FAP - StarCraft Combat Simulation Library
  • [GitHub] StarDraft - StarCraft Map Visualization Library

Competitions and Leagues

  • [HTML] AIIDE StarCraft AI Competition
  • [HTML] SSCAIT - Student StarCraft AI Tournament and Ladder
  • [HTML] CoG StarCraft AI Competition
  • [HTML] SCHNAIL - StarCraft Human 'N' AI League
  • [HTML] AIST - AI StarCraft Tournament

Starcraft Game Files

Starcraft Game Data