Report due today; Mid-term 2 corrected; Progress meetings

  • Reminder that the Second Iteration Report is due today at 5pm.
  • Mid-term 2 has been corrected (see your marks on Brightspace).  The average was 81%!  Please come and collect your exam during my office hour on Monday from 1:00 – 2:00.
  • Please e-mail to let me know whether or not your group would like a meeting during next week’s lab slot.  This meeting is optional.

Last lecture!

Today was our last lecture, although the course continues as you move deeper into your projects in preparation for the First Iteration demo this Thursday.  A description of what is expected for this demo has been posted to the Deliverables page.  Expectations on remaining course deliverables have also been posted.

Do not forget about mid-term exam #2, held during class time on Monday, March 12.

Finally, the Notes page has been updated to incorporate all lecture notes and example code.  No further postings are planned for this page.

Mid-term exam results

The mid-term exam #1 marks have been posted to Brightspace.  The exam and my solutions have also been posted.  The exams will be returned in class on Monday, February 26.

Initial Design Presentations Postponed

The Initial Design Presentations originally scheduled for Thursday, February 15 have been rescheduled to Thursday, March 1.  The next deliverable due is the Initial Design Document, which is due on Monday, February 26 at 5pm.

Mid-term exam 1 from 2016 posted on D2L

Note that our mid-term exam may contain additional material on Java, not examined in 2017.  In particular, you should know and recognize the object-oriented features of Java: e.g. creating objects, defining classes, inheritance, interfaces, abstract classes and methods.