• Assignment 1 is due today!
  • Assignment 2 is posted
  • New notes posted (use cases, design principles);  More notes remain to be posted from Hafez’s lectures
  • On Friday, Jan. 26 we will have our class in Earth Science 3010B.  This is because our regular room will be used for the 2018 Atlantic Engineering Competition.

Schedule/classroom updates

A couple of changes to announce:

  • Recall that I will be out of town from Jan. 13 – 22.  The original plan was for Hafez (our TA) to cover the four lectures on Jan. 15, 17, 19, and 22.  However, he has a conflict on Monday, Jan. 15, so that class is cancelled.  Instead he will be doing an extended class and lab introducing Java on Thursday, Jan. 11 in EN-1038B.  Note that EN-1038B does not have enough computers for all of you—so you are encouraged to bring your own laptops.
  • Later in the semester when we have meetings on Thursday mornings, they will be held in EN-1000 as opposed to EN-4035.  The course outline has been revised to reflect this change.