Prospective Students

I have a variety of opportunities available for both undergraduate and graduate students. Please read about my research interests to learn about the type of reseach I perform.

Undergraduate Summer Research (Summer 2023)

Opportunities for Summer 2022 are closed.

I will have opportunities for third or fourth year undergraduate students at MUN to work with me in the Summer of 2023 (May - Aug). Interested students will need to apply for NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Awards (USRA) or the Faculty of Science Summer Undergraduate Research Awards (SURA). The deadline for these applications will be in February 2023.

Mitacs Industrial Internships

I regularly supervise graduate students at MUN (Master's or PhD) together with Verafin on paid research interships through Mitacs Accelerate Fellowships. These fellowships are for 4-month blocks in which you undertake a research project in collaboration with Verafin.

Research projects are centred are synthetic data generation using a variety of machine learning tools. Our goal is to create a network of synthetic financial transactions, along with associated meta data, which has all the properties of real data. If you have experience with generative models and want to apply your skills to gain real-world experience with a large software company, please get in touch and we can discuss project ideas.

At this time, I do not have availability to supervise new Mitacs students for the remainder of 2022. I anticipate being able to provide fellowship opportunities for a handful of students in 2023.

Master's or PhD Supervision Thesis

I am accepting new students for Master's or PhD thesis supervision in computer science or scientific computing.

Potential research topics include creating scientific software that utilize parallel (threaded) programming, analyzing the numerical properties of fluid dynamics methods, and conducting astrophysical simulations. This is highly interdisciplinary research, and is ideal for students who have a background with some combination of computer science, maths, stats or physics. I have a range of projects from pure computer science to astrophysics and everywhere inbetween.

Please note that I will not supervising thesis projects centred around machine learning topics at this time.