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rt_entry Class Reference

List of all members.

Public Member Functions

void nb_insert (nsaddr_t id)
Neighbornb_lookup (nsaddr_t id)

Protected Member Functions

 LIST_ENTRY (rt_entry) rt_link

Protected Attributes

nsaddr_t rt_dst
u_int32_t rt_seqno
nsaddr_t rt_nexthop
double rt_expire
u_int16_t rt_hops
u_int8_t rt_flags
u_int8_t rt_errors
double rt_error_time
double rt_req_timeout
u_int8_t rt_req_cnt
int rt_req_last_ttl
double rt_disc_latency [MAX_HISTORY]
char hist_indx
ncache rt_nblist
int error_propagate_counter


class rttable
class AODV
class LocalRepairTimer

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