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XCPQueue Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for XCPQueue:
DropTail Queue< T > Connector NsObject Handler

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Public Member Functions

void Tq_timeout ()
void Te_timeout ()
void everyRTT ()
void setupTimers ()
void setEffectiveRtt (double rtt)
void routerId (XCPWrapQ *queue, int i)
int routerId (int id=-1)
int limit (int len=0)
void setBW (double bw)
void setChannel (Tcl_Channel queue_trace_file)
double totalDrops ()
void enque (Packet *pkt)
Packetdeque ()
virtual void drop (Packet *p)
void setNumMice (int mice)

Protected Member Functions

double max (double d1, double d2)
double min (double d1, double d2)
int max (int i1, int i2)
int min (int i1, int i2)
double abs (double d)
virtual void trace_var (char *var_name, double var)
void init_vars ()
virtual void do_on_packet_arrival (Packet *pkt)
virtual void do_before_packet_departure (Packet *p)

Protected Attributes

unsigned int routerId_
double link_capacity_bps_
double Te_
double Tq_
double Tr_
double avg_rtt_
double high_rtt_
double effective_rtt_
double Cp_
double Cn_
double residue_pos_fbk_
double residue_neg_fbk_
double queue_bytes_
double input_traffic_bytes_
double sum_rtt_by_throughput_
double sum_inv_throughput_
double running_min_queue_bytes_
unsigned int num_cc_packets_in_Te_
double thruput_elep_
double thruput_mice_
double total_thruput_
int num_mice_
int min_queue_ci_
int max_queue_ci_
int drops_
double total_drops_
Tcl_Channel queue_trace_file_

Static Protected Attributes

static const double ALPHA_ = 0.4
static const double BETA_ = 0.226
static const double GAMMA_ = 0.1
static const double XCP_MAX_INTERVAL = 1.0
static const double XCP_MIN_INTERVAL = .001


class XCPTimer

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