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TcpAgent Class Reference

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Agent Connector NsObject Handler BayFullTcpAgent BayReassemblyQueue FackTcpAgent FullTcpAgent IntTcpAgent LinuxTcpAgent RenoTcpAgent RFC793eduTcpAgent Sack1TcpAgent SackRHTcpAgent SimpleTcpAgent TcpAsymAgent TcpFsAgent VegasTcpAgent

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Public Member Functions

virtual void recv (Packet *, Handler *)
virtual void timeout (int tno)
virtual void timeout_nonrtx (int tno)
int command (int argc, const char *const *argv)
virtual void sendmsg (int nbytes, const char *flags=0)
void trace (TracedVar *v)
virtual void advanceby (int delta)

Protected Member Functions

virtual int window ()
virtual double windowd ()
void print_if_needed (double memb_time)
void traceAll ()
virtual void traceVar (TracedVar *v)
virtual int headersize ()
virtual void delay_bind_init_all ()
virtual int delay_bind_dispatch (const char *varName, const char *localName, TclObject *tracer)
virtual void output (int seqno, int reason=0)
virtual void send_much (int force, int reason, int maxburst=0)
virtual void newtimer (Packet *)
virtual void dupack_action ()
virtual void send_one ()
virtual void opencwnd ()
void slowdown (int how)
void ecn (int seqno)
virtual void set_initial_window ()
double initial_window ()
void reset ()
void newack (Packet *)
void finish ()
int network_limited ()
double limited_slow_start (double cwnd, int max_ssthresh, double increment)
virtual int numdupacks (double cwnd)
virtual void rtt_init ()
virtual double rtt_timeout ()
virtual void rtt_update (double tao)
virtual void rtt_backoff ()
virtual void output_helper (Packet *)
virtual void send_helper (int)
virtual void send_idle_helper ()
virtual void recv_helper (Packet *)
virtual void recv_frto_helper (Packet *)
virtual void recv_newack_helper (Packet *)
virtual void partialnewack_helper (Packet *)
int force_wnd (int num)
void spurious_timeout ()
virtual void cancel_timers ()
virtual void cancel_rtx_timer ()
virtual void set_rtx_timer ()
void reset_rtx_timer (int mild, int backoff=1)
void tcp_eln (Packet *pkt)
double linear (double x, double x_1, double y_1, double x_2, double y_2)
double increase_param ()
double decrease_param ()
virtual void processQuickStart (Packet *pkt)
virtual void endQuickStart ()
int lossQuickStart ()
void trace_event (char *eventtype)
void closecwnd (int how)
void quench (int how)
void process_qoption_after_send ()
void process_qoption_after_ack (int seqno)
void reset_qoption ()
void rtt_counting ()

Protected Attributes

double boot_time_
double overhead_
double wnd_
double wnd_const_
double wnd_th_
double wnd_init_
double wnd_restart_
double tcp_tick_
int wnd_option_
int wnd_init_option_
double decrease_num_
double increase_num_
int tcpip_base_hdr_size_
int maxcwnd_
int numdupacks_
int numdupacksFrac_
TracedInt t_seqno_
TracedInt dupacks_
TracedInt curseq_
TracedInt highest_ack_
TracedDouble cwnd_
TracedInt ssthresh_
TracedInt maxseq_
int last_ack_
int recover_
int last_cwnd_action_
int count_
int rtt_active_
int rtt_seq_
double rtt_ts_
double firstsent_
double lastreset_
int closed_
TracedInt t_rtt_
TracedInt t_srtt_
TracedInt t_rttvar_
TracedInt t_backoff_
int srtt_init_
int rttvar_exp_
int rttvar_init_
double t_rtxcur_
double rtxcur_init_
double maxrto_
double minrto_
int ts_resetRTO_
double ts_peer_
double ts_echo_
int ts_option_size_
double * tss
int tss_size_
int ts_option_
RtxTimer rtx_timer_
DelSndTimer delsnd_timer_
BurstSndTimer burstsnd_timer_
int timerfix_
int rfc2988_
int syn_
int delay_growth_
int max_connects_
int syn_connects_
int frto_enabled_
int sfrto_enabled_
int spurious_response_
int bug_fix_
int less_careful_
int exitFastRetrans_
int bugfix_ack_
int bugfix_ts_
int old_ecn_
int bugfix_ss_
double k_parameter_
double l_parameter_
int precision_reduce_
int maxburst_
int aggressive_maxburst_
FILE * plotfile_
double awnd_
int first_decrease_
double fcnt_
double base_cwnd_
int trace_all_oneline_
int nam_tracevar_
TracedInt ndatapack_
TracedInt ndatabytes_
TracedInt nackpack_
TracedInt nrexmit_
TracedInt nrexmitpack_
TracedInt nrexmitbytes_
TracedInt necnresponses_
TracedInt ncwndcuts_
TracedInt ncwndcuts1_
int slow_start_restart_
int restart_bugfix_
TracedInt singledup_
int LimTransmitFix_
int noFastRetrans_
int oldCode_
int useHeaders_
int ecn_
int cong_action_
int ecn_burst_
int ecn_backoff_
int ect_
int SetCWRonRetransmit_
int use_rtt_
int eln_
int eln_rxmit_thresh_
int eln_last_rxmit_
int low_window_
int high_window_
double high_p_
double high_decrease_
int max_ssthresh_
int cwnd_range_
hstcp hstcp_
int rate_request_
int qs_enabled_
int qs_requested_
int qs_approved_
int qs_window_
int qs_cwnd_
int tcp_qs_recovery_
int qs_request_mode_
int qs_thresh_
int qs_rtt_
int print_request_
int ttl_diff_
int frto_
int pipe_prev_
int QOption_
int EnblRTTCtr_
int T_full
int T_last
int T_prev
int T_start
int RTT_count
int RTT_prev
int RTT_goodcount
int F_counting
int W_used
int W_timed
int F_full
int Backoffs
int control_increase_
int prev_highest_ack_


class XcpEndsys

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