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Scheduler Class Reference

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CalendarScheduler HeapScheduler ListScheduler SplayScheduler RealTimeScheduler

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Public Member Functions

void schedule (Handler *, Event *, double delay)
virtual void run ()
virtual void cancel (Event *)=0
virtual void insert (Event *)=0
virtual Eventlookup (scheduler_uid_t uid)=0
virtual Eventdeque ()=0
virtual const Eventhead ()=0
double clock () const
virtual void sync ()
virtual double start ()
virtual void reset ()

Static Public Member Functions

static Schedulerinstance ()

Protected Member Functions

void dumpq ()
void dispatch (Event *)
void dispatch (Event *, double)
int command (int argc, const char *const *argv)

Protected Attributes

double clock_
int halted_

Static Protected Attributes

static Schedulerinstance_
static scheduler_uid_t uid_ = 1

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