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SMAC Class Reference

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Mac BiConnector NsObject Handler

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Public Member Functions

void recv (Packet *p, Handler *h)

Protected Member Functions

void handleGeneTimer ()
void handleRecvTimer ()
void handleSendTimer ()
void handleNavTimer ()
void handleNeighNavTimer ()
void handleCsTimer ()
void handleCounterTimer (int i)
int command (int argc, const char *const *argv)
virtual int initialized ()

Protected Attributes

double slotTime_
double slotTime_sec_
double difs_
double sifs_
double eifs_
double guardTime_
double byte_tx_time_
double dutyCycle_


class SmacGeneTimer
class SmacRecvTimer
class SmacSendTimer
class SmacNavTimer
class SmacNeighNavTimer
class SmacCsTimer
class SmacCounterTimer

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