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Path Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 Path (int route_len, const ID *route=NULL)
 Path (const Path &old)
 Path (const struct sr_addr *addrs, int len)
 Path (struct hdr_sr *srh)
void fillSR (struct hdr_sr *srh)
IDnext ()
void resetIterator ()
void reset ()
void setIterator (int i)
void setLength (int l)
IDoperator[] (int n) const
void operator= (const Path &rhs)
bool operator== (const Path &rhs)
void appendToPath (const ID &id)
void appendPath (Path &p)
bool member (const ID &id) const
bool member (const ID &net_id, const ID &MAC_id) const
Path copy () const
void copyInto (Path &to) const
Path reverse () const
void reverseInPlace ()
void removeSection (int from, int to)
bool full () const
int length () const
int index () const
int & index ()
int size () const
void unparse (FILE *out) const
char * dump () const
IDowner ()
void checkpath (void) const


void compressPath (Path &path)
void CopyIntoPath (Path &to, const Path &from, int start, int stop)

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