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MultihopMac Class Reference

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Mac BiConnector NsObject Handler

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Public Member Functions

void send (Packet *)
void recv (Packet *, Handler *)
void poll (Packet *)
int checkInterfaces (int)
void schedulePoll (MultihopMac *)
int mode ()
int mode (int m)
MultihopMacpeer ()
MultihopMacpeer (MultihopMac *p)
double tx_rx ()
double rx_tx ()
double rx_rx ()
double backoffBase ()
double backoffTime ()
double backoffTime (double bt)
PollEventpendingPE ()
PollEventpendingPE (PollEvent *pe)
Packetpkt ()
PollHandlerph ()
PollAckHandlerpah ()
PollNackHandlerpnh ()
PollTimeoutHandlerpth ()
BackoffHandlerbh ()
double pollTxtime (int s)

Protected Attributes

int mode_
double tx_rx_
double rx_tx_
double rx_rx_
double backoffTime_
double backoffBase_
PollHandler ph_
PollAckHandler pah_
PollNackHandler pnh_
PollTimeoutHandler pth_
BackoffHandler bh_

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