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IntTcpAgent Class Reference

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TcpAgent slink Agent Connector NsObject Handler

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Public Member Functions

int command (int argc, const char *const *argv)
void createTcpSession ()
void send_much (int force, int reason, int maxburst=0)
void send_one (int sessionSeqno)
void recv (Packet *pkt, Handler *)
void opencwnd ()
void closecwnd (int how)
Segmentrxmit_last (int reason, int seqno, int sessionSeqno, double ts)
void output (int seqno, int reason=0)
void output_helper (Packet *p)
int data_left_to_send ()
void newack (Packet *pkt)

Protected Attributes

class TcpSessionAgentsession_
int uniqTS_
int rightEdge_
double closecwTS_
double lastTS_
double winMult_
int winInc_
int count_
int daddr_
int dport_
int sport_
int shift_
int mask_
int wt_
int dynWt_
int wndIncSeqno_
int num_thresh_dupack_segs_


class CorresHost
class TcpSessionAgent

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