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HttpMInvalCache Class Reference

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HttpInvalCache HttpCache HttpApp Process HttpPercInvalCache

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struct  SState

Public Member Functions

virtual int command (int argc, const char *const *argv)
virtual void process_data (int size, AppData *data)
virtual void timeout (int reason)
void handle_node_failure (int cid)
void invalidate_server (int sid)
void add_inv (const char *name, double mtime)

Protected Member Functions

void send_heartbeat ()
HttpHbDatapack_heartbeat ()
virtual void send_hb_helper (int size, AppData *data)
int recv_inv (HttpHbData *d)
virtual void process_inv (int n, InvalidationRec *ivlist, int cache)
virtual int recv_inv_filter (ClientPage *pg, InvalidationRec *p)
InvalidationRecget_invrec (const char *name)
void add_sstate (int sid, SState *sst)
SStatelookup_sstate (int sid)
void check_sstate (int sid, int cid)
void add_nbr (HttpMInvalCache *c)
NeighborCachelookup_nbr (int id)
void recv_heartbeat (int id)
void recv_leave (HttpLeaveData *d)
void send_leave (HttpLeaveData *d)
void add_update (const char *name, double mtime)
void send_upd (ClientPage *pg)
int recv_upd (HttpUpdateData *d)
virtual void send_upd_helper (int pgsize, AppData *data)
HttpUpdateDatapack_upd (ClientPage *pg)

Static Protected Member Functions

static void add_cache (HttpMInvalCache *c)
static HttpMInvalCachemap_cache (int id)

Protected Attributes

HBTimer hb_timer_
HttpInvalAgent ** inv_sender_
int num_sender_
int size_sender_
int num_inv_
Tcl_HashTable sstate_
Tcl_HashTable nbr_
double hb_interval_
int enable_upd_
int Ca_
int Cb_
int push_thresh_
int push_high_bound_
int push_low_bound_
HttpInvalAgent ** upd_sender_
int num_updater_
int size_updater_

Static Protected Attributes

static HttpMInvalCache ** CacheRepository_ = NULL
static int NumCache_ = 0

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