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HDLC Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for HDLC:
SatLL LL LinkDelay Connector NsObject Handler

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Public Member Functions

virtual void recv (Packet *p, Handler *h)
virtual void hdr_dst (Packet *p, int macDA)
virtual void timeout (ARQstate *s)

Protected Member Functions

void recvIncoming (Packet *p)
void recvOutgoing (Packet *p)
void inSendBuffer (Packet *p, ARQstate *a)
int resolveAddr (Packet *p)
void reset (ARQstate *a)
PacketgetPkt (PacketQueue buf, int seq)
void reset_rtx_timer (ARQstate *a, int backoff)
void set_rtx_timer (ARQstate *a)
void cancel_rtx_timer (ARQstate *a)
void rtt_backoff ()
double rtt_timeout ()
void delayTimeout (ARQstate *s)
void cancel_delay_timer (ARQstate *a)
double reset_timeout ()
void set_reset_timer (ARQstate *a)
void cancel_reset_timer (ARQstate *a)
void sendDown (Packet *p)
void sendMuch (ARQstate *a)
void output (Packet *p, ARQstate *a, int seqno)
void ack (Packet *p)
PacketdataToSend (ARQstate *a)
void sendUA (Packet *p, COMMAND_t cmd)
void sendRR (Packet *p, ARQstate *a)
void sendRNR (Packet *p)
void sendREJ (Packet *p, ARQstate *a)
void sendSREJ (Packet *p, int seq)
void sendDISC (Packet *p)
void recvIframe (Packet *p)
void recvSframe (Packet *p)
void recvUframe (Packet *p)
void handleSABMErequest (Packet *p)
void handleUA (Packet *p)
void handleDISC (Packet *p)
void handleRR (Packet *p)
void handleRNR (Packet *p)
void handleREJ (Packet *p)
void handleSREJ (Packet *p)
void handlePiggyAck (Packet *p, ARQstate *a)
void goBackNMode (Packet *p)
void selectiveRepeatMode (Packet *p)
ARQstatenewEntry (int next_hop)
ARQstatecreateState (int next_hop)
ARQstatecheckState (int next_hop)
void removeState (int nh_)

Protected Attributes

int wndmask_
int wnd_
int queueSize_
double timeout_
int maxTimeouts_
int selRepeat_
int delAckVal_
int delAck_

Static Protected Attributes

static int uidcnt_


class HdlcTimer
class ARQstate

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