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While it is fun to work with computers, the most important issues for the world are not about technology, rather they are about society, governance and our environment.


Why is recycling not mandatory?

In this short essay I argue that the way we deal with our garbage is not sustainable. Although we live in a way that allows us to believe our garbage is adequately disposed, this is not more than a way of fooling ourselves, forgetting about the issue and thinking that nothing wrong is going on.
(the illusion of sustainability).


Should the "cancer epidemic" be renamed as "pollutants epidemic"?

There is a notion that there is a cancer epidemic, and people is given all kinds of counsel about what to do and what to avoid to prevent cancer. Even though changing our actions towards healthier lifestyles definitely helps, the enorm production and discharge of chemical products and toxins into our environment seem to have a more significant relationship to cancer than our everyday actions. Isn't it time we start caring about what we are putting in our sewers?

(guess how sewage comes back to us, article on the cancer epidemic, beware of household pollutants!, unsustainable practices ).

People and Computers



On Virtual Reality and Real Reality

I work in computer graphics, where virtual reality is one of the most important areas of research. I think it is ironic that we as humans strive to reproduce the beauty of the real world in our graphics worlds (games, simulators and virtual environments) and while doing that, we keep on destroying that very same world that is the source of our inspiration.
As profesionals working intensively with computers, we tend to miss the beauty of the real world. If you are a computer scientist or constantly work with computers, go out and enjoy nature, the air, the sunshine, enjoy the touch, the smells the sounds!

(Canada in summer ).


Peace Memorial

This is a memorial to the largest worlwide coordinated peace demonstration in the history of mankind. Despite its significance, it is not sufficiently remembered and the media does not really reflect its real dimensions. This demo sent a strong signal to the world leaders that people is alert and against an arbitrary, unfair war disguised as a "war on terror". If you want to contribute your pictures to the peace memorial, please contact me!
(Peace Memorial, entry on wikipedia).

The Progressive

This is a US-based magazine that watches for the rights of citizens and shows the red flag on worrisme policies that attempt to erode these rights. It is good as an alternative viewpoint to what we normally get through the media. I must confess they need to hire graphic designers appropriate for this century.
(The Progressive).

Q&A's on Terror

Why say no to terror and war?

Terror and war seem to be very different in principle, but in the facts they are not. While the first looks barbaric and nonsensical, the other looks legitimated by society and international treaties. In reality terror and war are mostly inspired by political intentions, take as victims normal people without power on political decisions, and produce a great deal of destruction  and anguish. Additionally, wars create the best conditions to commit the worst crimes, because it is harder to ask for accountability of what happens in the affected regions.

How to respond to acts of terror?

Some leading opinions such as that of the renowned spanish judge Baltasar Garzon, suggest political solutions to the conflicts (like in N. Ireland), or the use of civil law (as done in the Lockerbie or Air India attacks). Up to September 11, 2001 terrorists were prosecuted mainly through civil procedures using well-defined law.

How to say no to terror and wars of terror?

You can deny political and economic support (votes and donations) to political parties that support terror-themed wars, which are typically used to hide other geopolitical reasons (you cannot just say "I want their oil"). You can also express your opinion to the ones you know: you can have an impact on your local society and eventually, when a large part of society supports these ideas, politicians can take the idea and implement it on a national or international level..

Other Q&A's

Are you a pastor ?

No, "pastor" means shepperd in spanish, quite a common word in any language. Pastor is my second lastname: in Mexico, and in most spanish speaking countries, we all have two lastnames. In my case, my first lastname (Meruvia) is my fathers' first lastname (his lastname is Meruvia S.), my second last name is my mothers' first lastname (whose lastname is Pastor L.). Pastor is a common lastname across different peoples and languages: Shepperd, Sheppard, Schaeffer, Pasteur, Pastore, Berger are variations of this lastname.