Peace Memorial

Why the peace memorial?

Because one day in the history of humanity, a particular idea spread like fire across countries, across cultures, across religions and politicians, and was shared among millions of persons, in what is the largest worldwide demonstration in history, which took place in February 15 of 2003.

The idea was that the announced invasion of Irak was terribly wrong, because it had not been proven that the excuses for invading that country (such as the existance of weapons of mass destruction) were actually true.

Unfortunately for the victims of this war, time proved that these millions of persons were right, that the invasion had no other reasons than the removal of a leader that was no longer working for the west, the appropriation of oil resources of that country through exclusive contracts for exploitation of the oil of that country after the war, and the creation of a convenient situation of endless war and conflict that allows constant surveillance of the people and erosion of basic righths in terms of privacy, freedom to travel, and freedom to demonstrate.

Unfortunately, the horrible lash of war and social chaos was imposed by leaders of the west on the innocent people of Irak, and at great cost of life and taxpayer's money of western citizens. To date, that country remains in shatters, and became by means of this invasion an actual destination for people inspired by the ideology of terror. Millions of refugess from Irak were forced into neighbouring countries, and the foundations of that society were destroyed and will take many years to recover.

The images below conmemorate the demonstrations that took place in Berlin, just one of many cities around the worlds that saw the largest demonstrations ever. This event is also documented in Wikipedia.

Let us remember and honour the millions of persons who went out to the streets to peacefully express their disagreement with these unfortunate and hapless decision of the west, and let us embrace the ideal of peace with more strenght every time we have the chance!

The leaders that put forward this war should respond for the crimes they commited and the people that made the most money from this war should pay back that money, which can be used to eliminate the damage inflicted on the people of Irak.