Computer Science 2742 -- Logic for Computer Science, Fall 2011

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2/12/2011 Here is a spreadsheet with all the marks for the semester . Please check it and let me know before Friday Dec 9th if there are any problems! If you made a special arrangement, the corresponding cell should be hightlighted green. If your totals cell is red, please come talk to me!
2/12/2011 The office hours for the final exam will be Friday, Deec 9th, from 12pm to 4pm. If you want to meet me at any other time, please email to make sure I am in my office. You are always welcome to email questions to me, too.
01/12/2011 Reminder: a review for the final exam will be on the last lecture of the semester, Friday 1pm
01/12/2011 A study guide for the final exam is now posted.
01/12/2011 The solutions for assignment 5 are posted.
25/11/2011 Since MUN was closed yesterday and we didn't have the office hours, let's have the office hours today after the class.
22/11/2011 Assignment 5 is now posted. Due Tuesday Nov 29th.
17/11/2011 Partial solutions to assignment 4 are here. This is just a brief sketch of solutions to problems 2,3 and 4. Sorry for the delay; I was not planning on posting them.
15/11/2011 I should get assignment 4 marked by 2:30pm tomorrow (Wednesday), please pick it up from my office after that time. Sorry for the delay!
01/11/2011 Reminder: the next Thursday class, November 10th, is canceled (make-up was last Wednesday). Tuesday Nov 8th the marker, Renesa Nizamee, will go over the solutions for assignments 3 and 4. Friday Nov 11th is a holiday; Tuesday Nov 15 class as usual, Thursday Nov 17th a review for the midterm and Friday Nov 18th is the second midterm test . Please let me know as soon as possible if you see any problem with this date.
27/10/2011 Assignment 4 is now posted. Due Monday, Nov 7th, 3pm, in the general office.
21/10/2011 In the assignment, "Sale(number,start,finish)" should be "Sale(code, start, finish)". An updated version is posted.
19/10/2011 I will be away the week of Nov 6 to Nov 13th. On Tuesday, Nov 8th, the marker will talk about the assignment solutions. The Thursday Nov 10th class is canceled; the make-up will be Wed Oct 26th, 4-5pm, in EN-1001 .(Friday Nov 11th is a holiday). Please let me know right away if Wednesday Oct 26h 4-5pm time does not work for you!
18/10/2011 Assignment 3 is now posted. Due Oct 25.
13/10/2011 Solutions to assignment 2 are posted.
12/10/2011 A a study guide for the first test is now posted.
30/09/2011 Reminder: no classes next week. Assignment due Oct 4th, by 3pm in the main office. The next class is October 13th, a review for a midterm. The first midterm test is October 14th

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Course information

Course Information Sheet

Lectures: 12:00-12:50 Tuesday and Thursday, and 13:00-13:50 Friday in EN-1051
Instructor: Antonina Kolokolova , email: [Your browser cannot view this email address] , office ER-6033.
Instructor office hours: T/R 14:00-15:00, or by appointment.
Textbook: There will be no textbook for this course; however, the course notes will be posted online.
Reference book: Discrete Mathematics With Applications: Susanna S. Epp, Discrete Mathematics with Graph Theory: Edgar Goodaire and Michael Parmenter.

Marking scheme ( tentative! ): ~5 assignments of 7% each, two midterm tests 15% each and a final exam 35%. Note that the last assignment will be due during the last week of the semester (to provide adequate preparation for the final exam).


Assignments and tests

You are encouraged to use LaTeX for typesetting your assignments. A good introduction to LaTeX is "Essential LaTeX" .


Lecture notes

I will be posting lecture notes as we go; you are welcome to check the lecture notes from the previous run of this course.

A study guide for the first test. A study guide for the second test. A study guide for the final exam.