Patrol II
July 15th, 1998
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Captain's Log for Patrol II

Image Credits:
AT-AT - Harry Chang
Scout Trooper - Matt Walton
Moon, Mountain, sky, and textures - Jim Varner
Image Notes:
Patrol II depicts a scout trooper on an extended patrol on some backwater world far from the action. Most of his time is spent counting the days until his mandatory service is over, and he can return home.
Although it is getting long in the tooth, this image is still one of my favorites. I created this shot in two pieces, the AT-AT shot was created several months earlier and released to the net, and then the Scout Trooper was layered on top of the existing shot and re-released as a "Special Edition" joke. The moon was an actual 3d studio model that was shot against a blue background and layered into the shot with Photoshop.