Imperial Pursuit SE
October 7th, 1998
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Captain's Log for Imperial Pursuit SE
Image Credits:
Star Destroyer - Jim Varner (based on an original mesh by Harry Chang)
Millenium falcon - Iven Connery
Tie Fighters - Harry Chang
Nebula and Other Effects - Jim Varner
Image Notes:
Imperial Pursuit SE depicts the Millenium Falcon as it flees the Hoth System with three Tie Fighters in hot pursuit. Originally released as the background for my second (and most probably last) desktop theme, this shot was later enhanced with laser fire and engine flare effects and released as a 'S.E.' shot.
"Dear Cap'n Jim, I noticed that the image is labeled 'SDEST6.JPG'. If this is the sixth in a series of shots, Where are the first 5 images??" You should have joined the crew when you had the chance :)