Escort Duty
September 2nd, 1998
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Captain's Log for Escort Duty
Image Credits:
Shuttle,Transports & Corvettes - Harry Chang
Calamari Cruisers - Andreas Engle and Marv Mays
Nebulon Frigates - Ian Jones
X-Wing Fighters - Marv Mays
X-Wing Pilot - Matt Walton
Planet, Nebula, Solar Flare meshes - Me!
Image Notes:
Escort Duty depicts a pair of X-wing fighters as they escort a large Rebel Fleet past my new Jupiter Mesh! Also, many might recognize the background from both the NOVA pic and the Docking Bay 2 images. Remember, it pays to recycle!
I created this shot during a 48 hour stretch going into final exams right before graduation. I created the "fleet" for the Docking Bay 2 pic, and my good friend Jason Parks said he wished I would make a big scene with lots of ships. So I rendered two X-wings over the "background" pic and slapped the "escort-duty" label on it. Funny, I think it is probably my favorite Star Wars image.