Docking Bay 2
September 2nd, 1998
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Captain's Log for Docking Bay 2

Image Credits:
R2D2, Shuttle, Corvettes, and Docking Bay - Harry Chang
X-Wing fighter - Marv 'Kamikaze' Mays
Planet, Nebula, & Misc. textures - Jim Varner
Image Notes:
Docking Bay 2 depicts a pilot readying his ship for flight from within the interior docking bay of a Calamari cruiser. Only an invisible force field protects the interior from the icy cold of space. In the distance, you can see a rag tag convoy of merchant and military vessels gathering in orbit around a massive gas giant.
This image is a direct result of exam stress. I created it during breaks in my study vigil right before Graduation. Perhaps if I had spent more time studying, and less time rendering, I wouldn't have gotten that 'B' in ISM-305.