The Borg
August 24th, 1998
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Captain's Log for The Borg

Image Credits:
Borg Ship - Jim Varner
Planet - Jim Varner
Nebula - Jim Varner
Image Notes:
The Borg depicts a Borg cube preparing to assimilate a blue-green world not unlike our own. (BTW, What sort of bandwidth would they have in the collective? Not that it matters much, it is undoubtedly chokedd with MLM spams and porn.)
The Borg cube was a very fun mesh to create since it is amazingly simple to build the mesh, yet requires a great deal of finess to bring to life. The most difficult part was getting the green glow to appear as if it were coming from inside the bowels of the ship. (Achieved using a visible omini-light and various transparency tricks with a maistoika(?) doll cube).