Surveyor 2001
November 28th, 1998
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Captain's Log for Surveyor 2001
Image Credits:
Everything - Jim Varner
Image Notes:
Surveyor 2001 is the background wallpaper for my newest theme (about 80% complete as of 11-6-98). The shot attempts to depict NASA's Surveyor 2001 probe in orbit over Mars (Phobos is in the background). The finished theme will have all the neato stuff you have become accustomed to, such as 3d cursors, Dolby sfx, original Start-up and Shutdown Screens, and (of course) a slideshow screensaver depicting the actual Martian landscape! Stay tuned...
I will be leaving for a two week business trip to Charlotte and Tampa on Saturday(11-7-98). As a result, I will not be able to answer any e-mails till I get back. Don't fear, though, I plan to publish the theme soon after I return!