November 9th, 1998
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Captain's Log for Staging

Image Credits:
Everything - Jim Varner
Image Notes:
This is an improvement over the original Staging shot I posted last week. It incorporates several fixes with the older one, including a corrected staging ring, more detail in the command module and tower, and a better flame effect.
The Saturn V mesh you see above was originally designed for just making a cursor for the new theme. It was really only a set of 24 sided cylinders stacked one atop the other, with a very simple texture map wrapped around it. As time went on, I kept adding details to the model, and now it is (IMHO) a fairly accurate medium poly-count representation of the real thing. The shot above was origninally intended to be a low-res start-up screen only, but as the model gained complexity, it began to look better and better. Now, I plan for it to be the background for the final Commander-Saturn V theme.