June 12th, 1999
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Captain's Log for Liftoff!
Image Credits:
Discovery - Commercial Mesh
Image Notes:
Liftoff! is the first in a series of pics I plan to create using a new Space Shuttle mesh I purchased- each more detailed than the last. It is also the first image I have created in 3D Studio Max 2.5! That's right, I finally went out and upgraded. Now, I just need a new computer :)
The Discovery mesh came pretty much as-is, but I added the flames, smoke and background. The flames were created using simple cones and applying a glow modifier to them. The smoke is composed of two elements. The lower smoke is actually composed of simple semi-transparent spheres, with noise used for both bump-mapping and opacity. The top of the 'smoke stack' is actually composed of spherical flame modifiers. Finally, I imported the image into photoshop and manually 'smeared' the edges of the smoke to make it look a bit less artificial. So what's up with the lack of updates??? I have some pretty major things going on in my personal life right now... Namely, I am getting married in July!