High Ground
October 5th, 1998
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Captain's Log for High Ground
Image Credits:
Everything- Jim Varner
Image Notes:
High Ground is actually just a test render of my latest Earth Mesh (the 3rd since starting the Apollo Themes). Although just a test, the result was so amazing I had to give it a name and put it on the page! I hope you like it enough that you will forgive the delay in the Apollo - LMP theme countdown! (I hope to have it in another week or two).
The earth surface texture map is a complex composite of bumpmaps, reflectivity, self-illumination (for cities at night), and diffusion maps. The clouds represent the actual global cloud cover (near infrared) from July 7, 1998 as imaged by the GOES weather imaging satellites, and converted into bump and opacity maps. All told, the uncompressed texture maps used on this model weigh in at over 200 Megs. It is a shame it is only going to be 2-3 inches across in the final theme background... (Some people say I am a perfectionist, but their reasoning is obviously flawed)