Gulf War
February 16th, 1999
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Captain's Log for Gulf War

Image Credits:
Original M1A2 Abrams Tank mesh - ?????
Original Apache Mesh - ?????
Image Notes:
The background image from the upcoming Gulfwar theme depicts a collumn of American M1 tanks engaging enemy forces. In the background, 3 Apache helicopters provide close air support.
While it may look like it was rendered in one pass, the Gulfwar backdrop is actually a composite of four images layered on top of each other! First, I created the desert backdrop and oil-stained skies using Bryce 3D. Against this backdrop, I rendered the three apache helicopters. The third layer consists of the two tanks, dust, and smoke rendered over a 'dummy' matte terrain (to provide the illusion of depth). Finally, I imported the whole thing into photoshop and touched it up by hand. That makes 4 layers merged together to make one 3D pic!