Discovery - Apogee
June 13th, 1999
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Captain's Log for Discovery - Apogee
Image Credits:
Discovery - Commercial Mesh
Image Notes:
Apogee depicts the shuttle "Discovery" shortly after attaining orbit. NOTE: The shuttle rarely appears in this position in real life. Usually, the cargo doors are open and the ship is inverted to radiate excess heat. I rendered it like this for aesthetic reasons only. Artistic License... you gotta love it.
Unlike many of my works, the background of this scene is an actual photograph, not a rendered planet. Creating a rendered image on top of a photograph is extremely tricky. This is because the human eye is very sensitive to subtle changes in light levels, colors, and contrasts. Therefore, great care must be taken to match the illumination on the rendered foreground object with the illumination in the "real world" background. If any of these elements are off by much, the scene will look artificial.