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This page last modified on December 30nd, 1999.
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I been using Window Maker since version 0.6.3, and I love it. I have tried others like fvwm, twm, olwm, afterstep, & kwm (KDE), but Window Maker has taken over my desktop. I wanted to contribute to the Window Maker community, but my programming skills aren't quite up to snuff (I haven't done any X programming yet), so I decided to put these webpages up.

This started with one single page with themes based on the artwork of James Varner, a.k.a. Cap'n Jim, but has grown beyond that, and someone on the wm mailing list suggested that I split things up. So I did. (I think that was Warp.)

I am trying to keep these pages modem friendly. There is very little in the way of graphics, and file sizes are mentioned for the links. I just hope you don't mind tables! :)

News for December, 1999
Thursday, December 30nd, 1999
In case you are wondering why there hasn't been many updates to my pages lately, it's because I have been busy working for TUCOWS lately, as a theme builder and webmaster for their Linux section. Since all of my themes are available there, on over 150 mirrors, and available for KDE and Enlightenment, I have decided to remove my themes from here to save space, and point my themes links to my themes page on their site. You might want to go to the main site to find a mirror closer to you.