My Web Pages

I had to change the structuring of my web pages because I now have several different pages here. Just follow the links below to get to the one that you want to visit.

Main pages
Tower's Window Maker Page

I will be putting links to various Window Maker Pages that I have found to be useful, as well as my own themes based on the artwork of Cap'n Jim Varner.

The Voodoo Reign Home Page

This is the home page of the Voodoo Reign paintball team. I have been playing on this team since late 1995. Here you will find information about the team, pictures, and what happened at tournaments in which we have participated in.

Tower's Personal Homepage

This is my personal homepage. It includes links to various things that I find interesting, along with information about them. I also have a little bit of information about myself, and links to some of my friends' web pages.
This page uses JavaScript and frames, and contains a lot of images, so it may take a while to load. But hey, it's my page.

Other pages
My Easter Egg Collection

Some of the computer Easter Eggs that I have collected. If you're wondering what an easter egg is for a computer, just take a look.

Color Codes

I have created a quick reference chart for various color codes, for use with HTML code, or even changing your color scheme.

CS3710 overheads, W'98

This is simply a copy of the overheads for Computer Science 3710 (Vocational Languages), except that I had concatenated the overheads together for each lecture, and reduced the font size. I did this so that they would be easier to print.