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Extracting the Archive File

The distribution includes a single compressed archive file called digitcl-010.tar.gz which can be extracted using the command:

$ gzip -dc digitcl-010.tar.gz | tar xvf -

This will create a directory called digitcl-010 and all the relevant files will be placed in that directory. These files and subdirectories are described in Table A.1.


Files Description
README A text file with instructions on how to install and use DigiTcl.
digitcl The Tcl/Tk script for the DigiTcl GUI circuit editor.
bitmaps/* Bitmaps and mouse cursors required by the DigiTcl.
cktsim/* The C++ source and Makefile for building the simulator engine.
Table A.1: Files Included in the DigiTcl Distribution

Donald Craig
Mon Jul 8 12:05:35 NDT 1996