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Miscellaneous Modules

Throughout the course of the implementation, several small utility procedures were written which were not directly related to the aforementioned modules. These modules consist primarily of procedures that were written to take care of repetitive tasks and to reduce code duplication. These miscellaneous modules and their descriptions are presented in Table 3.13.


Module Name Purpose
fileslct.tcl Contains procedures for creating a file selection dialog box.
mousewin.tcl This module will contain procedures that display help messages regarding the actions that will be carried out by each of the three mouse buttons in a particular context. This module is not yet currently implemented.
optiondb.tcl Contains the single procedure startup_init which initializes the configuration option database. Default attributes for several widgets are established by this procedure.
progress.tcl Create and update a progress bar. The progress bar is used during time consuming operations -- as the operation nears completion, the bar grows longer.
utils.tcl General purpose utility procedures used by the GUI.
Table 3.13: Miscellaneous Module Responsibilities

Several of the procedures in these modules serve to extend existing Tcl/Tk functionality while others implement so-called ``mega-widgets'' which augment the existing widget set provided by Tk. Indeed, two of these modules, fileslct.tcl and progress.tcl, are generic enough to be integrated into applications completely unrelated to this project.

Donald Craig
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