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Netlist Modules

In the context of this application, a netlist is defined as a collection of wires and points which are logically equivalent during the course of a simulation. The modules which create and maintain the netlists in the workarea canvas are presented in Table 3.5.


Module Name Purpose
netcreate.tcl Contains all the procedures necessary for the creation of wires and wire points on the workarea. Supports rubber banding as well as gridding of wires and wire points.
netdel.tcl Procedures for deleting wire points and wires.
netlabel.tcl Procedures responsible for displaying a dialog box for the purposes of letting the user label a point on a netlist.
netlist.tcl This module contains several miscellaneous procedures which manipulate netlists as a whole. Operations such as identifying, splitting and uniting netlists are contained in this module.
netmove.tcl Procedures for moving wires and wire points.
netsolder.tcl Contains all the procedures necessary for soldering netlists together. Essentially, these procedures connect overlapping ports, points and wires together.
netutils.tcl Several miscellaneous procedures which create and manipulate individual wires and wire points.
Table 3.5: Netlist Creation and Manipulation Modules

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