Welcome to the DigiTcl Home Page

This is the home page of the DigiTcl layout tool and digital simulator. DigiTcl is a graphical user interface which allows users to construct and simulate simple digital circuits. The graphical user interface was implemented using Tcl/Tk8.0 and serves as the front-end for the simulator engine which was written in C++. DigiTcl was developed as part of a Masters project and is currently at Version 0.3.1. It still has a few kinks, but should be reasonably useable.

These pages include the following information:

Note that the two distributions contain the same release content. There is a generic UNIX Makefile which can be adapted to compile the simulator engine on most other platforms. The only real requirement is you must have the Standard Template Library.

Incidentally, I've decided to place this software under the GPL. (See the COPYING file included in both distributions.) If this creates any serious problems for anyone, please let me know. Maybe we can work something out.


Donald Craig

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