Lidia A. R. Yamamoto

Welcome to my homepage!

Together with Prof. Wolfgang Banzhaf, I'm co-author of the book "Artificial Chemistries", MIT Press, July 2015, 571 pages.

I wrote the software that accompanies the book: PyCellChemistry, a python package intended to illustrate the programming of Artificial Chemistries in an easy and accessible way.

Short bio: I am a computer scientist with research interests in artificial chemistries, biologically-inspired computing, and the computational modelling of biological systems. I have a PhD in computer science from the University of Liege, Belgium (2003), where I worked on agent-based models for distributed algorithms inspired by economies. After two years in industry (Hitachi Europe, France) I moved on to a postdoc at the University of Basel, Switzerland (2005-2010), in the group of Prof. Christian Tschudin, where I worked on Fraglets, a programming language inspired by chemistry and designed for the automatic synthesis and evolution of communication protocols for computer networks. After that I moved to the group of Prof. Pierre Collet, University of Strasbourg, France (2010-2011), where I worked on the parallelization of artificial chemistries on GPGPU hardware. Feeling deeply mesmerized by the world of biology, I am now enrolled in the Master of Bioinformatics programme at KULeuven, Belgium. I'm starting a thesis on the computational modelling of early embryogenesis in the C. elegans worm, in the group of Prof. Rob Jelier. I expect to graduate early next year and to continue on a research career path afterwards.

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